What Should You Know About Getting A Tow In Ontario?

If you've ever found yourself needing a quick battery jump (but are without jumper cables), or find yourself broken down on the side of the highway, your primary concern is finding a reliable tow truck that can arrive quickly and have you on your way. You're faced with a number of sudden decisions and may not know the laws or regulations that govern matters like whether a tow truck operator must take your credit card or can require only cash. Read on to learn more about your rights and responsibilities when having your vehicle towed in Ontario.

What are your rights when hiring a tow truck driver?

  • Since November 2014, Ontario tow truck operators have been required to accept credit cards as a form of payment. This can be a relief if you're caught without cash and don't want to have to ride in the tow truck to an ATM. If your auto insurance policy covers towing, your credit card statement can also serve as a receipt (in case you lose yours before turning in the claim).
  • You have the right to receive an invoice listing the specific services provided and the charge for each. This can be handy information to provide to your insurance company as well.
  • You have the right to accept and refuse services offered by the tow truck operator, and to direct the tow truck driver to a destination of your choice. You aren't required to take your vehicle to the nearest tow yard or repair shop, as long as you pay any additional mileage fees imposed if the driver must travel farther.

What are your responsibilities to the tow truck driver?

  • You have the responsibility to direct the driver to a legal drop-off location. If you decide to play a prank on your ex by dumping an inoperable vehicle in his or her driveway and pretending it is your home, this could land you in legal hot water. You'll also be responsible for paying the cost to tow the vehicle to a scrapyard or repair shop.
  • You have the responsibility for paying at the time of service. If you choose to pay by credit card and all the cards in your possession are declined, the tow truck operator may legally refuse to transport your vehicle. Although many tow truck operators will be glad to get you to a location where you can access funds, they also legally have the right to hold your vehicle until you've paid for services they've already provided at your request. Contact a towing company like Roadway Towing Ltd for more information.