Questions To Ask When Choosing A New Handyman To Work With

A great way to get work done around the house without having to put the time and effort into the work yourself is to hire a handyman. Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a new handyman to hire for your home project:

What Kinds of Projects Don't You Do?

Most handyman providers are able and willing to work on a variety of different projects including woodwork, cement work, basic repairs, furniture building, and painting. However, there may be some things they are not willing to do, such as electrical work. Because any handyman you think about working with is sure to offer a long list of services, it is easiest to ask what services they do not offer. This will help ensure that your expectations are properly set when it comes time to complete a home improvement or repair project.

Are You Licensed?

Depending on your state and county laws, your handyman may need to have a license in order to work on certain types of projects, projects that cost over a certain amount of money, or projects that involve building permits. Also to note, most states require that any handyman working on electrical and plumbing work must be a licensed contractor.

Therefore, you should contact your local building department and find out what the handyman requirements are in your area. This will allow you to verify whether any handyman that you think about hiring can legally complete the work you want to have done both now and in the future.

Do You Offer Consultations?

There may be times when you are not sure what the problem is with a faucet or you need expert advice about how to go about designing a built-in shelf.  In cases like these, you'll require consultation from your handyman. Some handyman service providers do not offer consultation appointments and charge their full fee for such services.

Others offer consultation appointments for a base fee that is typically much less expensive than their service fees. Some handyman providers may offer consultations over the phone, but never in-person, even for a fee. Knowing what options are available to you upfront will make it easier for you to budget for handyman projects as time goes on.

Add these questions to a list of your own and refer to your list when speaking with prospective handyman providers for the first time.  This will help ensure that nothing important is overlooked. After talking to multiple handyman providers, you can compare their answers side-by-side to determine which will best meet your needs.