Needed To Hire A Locksmith In Calgary

For the past few years I have been subleasing my condo to renters, and everything was going quite well. They always paid their rent on time, and I never heard any complaints from the neighbors in the building. They eventually decided that they were going to leave after their lease expired and pursue purchasing a home of their own. This meant that I had to go through the process of getting the condo ready for my next set of renters. Even though they were great tenants, I decided it would be best if I had all of the locks rekeyed by a locksmith in Calgary. Even though I trusted them with the keys, I didn't know it anybody else had keys out there that they could use to get into the unit. I was thankfully able to get a locksmith in Calgary to rekey the locks for me. It didn't take him very long to do, as I only had a front and back door that needed to be rekeyed. When he was finished he gave me four sets of keys to the door, and he made it easier to get into the unit as both locks now used the same key.