3 Important Features To Add When Creating A Mobile Sign

When you want to add a mobile sign in front of your business to attract customers, there are a lot of things that you can do to make your sign attractive. Here are 3 important features that you should not forget in the design process.

Beautiful Lettering

First, the type of lettering that you choose for your business sign affects whether it looks high end and attractive, or cheap and poorly made. If you choose cheap lettering, you are going to be limited in the fonts, and this will reflect on what your business is like. People will judge before they ever set foot in your business, so you need a sign that is going to look attractive and nice. This means look at various lettering that is easy to read. Avoid cursive lettering as this can be difficult to read, especially if any of the lettering is on the smaller side. 


Second, the color of your sign and lettering is important because the color tells people something about the style of your business. If you use neon colors, then this may look a bit cheaper. Sometimes neon colors, however, work well in situations in which you want to catch the attention of customers from far away. For example, a car dealership may choose to use neon letters so people can see their mobile signs from the freeway. It may be easier to do a smaller sign still without losing the effect if the color of the sign is bright enough.

If, however, you want your sign to seem more sophisticated, choose colors that are calmer or that are bold. Black is always a good choice because it is a classy color. Also, look at colors that will elude to the feel of your business. For example, if you have a hot tub store, then think about using aqua, blue, green, and other shades that represent water. There are endless colors, but the most important part is to pick colors that are going to work to your advantage and that will make your business seem as professional as it really is.


Lastly, humor is a great way to invite people into your store. People will remember your sign more if it has a funny saying instead of just giving straight information. Of course, make sure that the humor is tailored to your business, and keep the humor clean so that you do not offend anyone. If you use humor to talk about a sale or about an upcoming event, then people will be sure to remember you.

By considering these 3 features, you can make a beautiful mobile sign that will help your business to stand out and that will attract more customers.