Common Sense For Common Gutters On Any Home

When you get ready to dig out after winter and tend to some of the spring chores around your home and property, don't forget to pay some attention to the gutters. These simple segments are what draw water from the roof of your home, during storms and rain, and guide it down and away from the structure. These fixtures prevent basement floods, property damage, and the growth of mold or mildew.

Some things to remember when cleaning your home's gutters include:

It's a two-person job.

The easiest way to clean and clear your home's gutters is to recruit someone else to help you; it really is a two-person task. Enlist someone to stand on the ground near the down-spout, while you get up near the top of the gutter near the roof. Pour water mixed with a capful of mild dishwashing detergent down the gutter, while your cohort watches to make sure it doesn't leak out at any segment along the way.

Repair sags immediately.

Sagging gutters are an accidents waiting to happen, and there may be no warning when they break free and fall away from your house. This could result in damage to your property on the ground below, as well as potential injuries for anyone nearby. The best way to prevent this from happening is to repair and tighten sags as soon as you notice them, using the same holes in the gutter segments for securing screws.

Clear out the debris regularly.

When leaves, debris, and trash accumulate in your gutters, the weight can lead to sags and leaks, making the gutters basically useless. Clean these out with a plumbing snake to remove this added weight, or protect the gutters with guards to prevent debris from becoming trapped in the gutter.

Don't use gutters as a support.

Gutters and the eavestrough of the home is not intended to be used to support weight, such as when you prop a ladder against the side of the house to complete routine chores. The weight of a person on a ladder can cause the gutter to sag and droop, and possibly even make it break free from the home's structure. This may result in property damage and even injury in some instances.

The advantages to keeping your gutters clean and clear are many. First, they lead water away from your home's structure, where it won't cause leaks or damage. Second, they prevent pooling of water on the roof by gently guiding water down and away from your shingles and roofing surface. Take time this spring to tend to your home's gutters to keep them working effectively, and efficiently, all year long.  

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