Quick And Tangible Ways To Promote Your Company

If you're in charge of marketing and promoting your company, then you might be interested in some tangible methods. There is nothing wrong with spending a lot of time and effort with online promotion, but at some point people will come into your office and this is a great opportunity to further promote your brand name. You should have items readily available that you can give the people who are visiting the office. They can then take these items away with them and use them and they serve as tangible forms of promotion for your company.

Personalized Water Bottle Labels

When someone comes into your office it is customary to offer them water. One cool alternative to having a large water cooler is to have water bottles and label them with your companies personal logo. You can order unlabeled water bottles from a supply company or office supply store. Then you can have your own custom labels used. You can design a cool looking logo for your company if you already don't have one drawn up. If that is the case, then you have a great opportunity to create a visually interesting logo. You can even find a cheap graphic designer online to mock one up for you. People will take these bottles from your office, and others will see the logo, and you'll be getting local exposure. This is a great way to reach people in your local area. Talk to a company like Great Canadian Water Company to learn more.

Key-chain Hand Sanitizer With Company Logo

People love hand sanitizer. It's super important considering all the germs we encounter while we are out in public. One really useful item you could have your company logo on is a small key-chain hand sanitizer. These are great because they will be used for a while, so the company logo will stick around. Much like the personalized water bottles, you can have the bottles printed with a logo. Alternatively, you could have those small rubber bottle holders designed with your company logo. These can be refilled with the disposable plastic bottles people buy in drug stores. The benefit to using one of the rubber bottle holders is that it's able to be refilled, so they will keep the rubber holder for a very long time.

Nice Refillable Pens With Company Logo

Everyone is always loosing pens, so giving people a nice refillable pen with your company logo is a very fun idea. They will get to take them with them, and if you order refillable ones, then at least some people will end up using them for a long time. Plus, refillable pens have a more upscale look than disposable ones.