How To Make Your Community A Safe Place

Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural setting, there is one thing that everybody wants; a safe and welcoming community. However, in order for a community to even get in that psoiton to begin with, you have to work together to ensure that a few things are in place. If you are struggling with ideas on how to keep your community safe, this article is for you. From pedestrian crosswalk systems to neighborhood watch groups, this article has a few things that you can use to make your community an overall better place. Sound like something you're interested in learning more about? Read on. 

Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems

If there are busy streets in your community that don't already have pedestrian crosswalk system in place, then contact your local law enforcement office and petition to have one put in. Pedestrian crosswalk systems like those from Lanelight include the large placards on either side of the road to signal when it's safe to walk and when you should stop and they can either be attached to street lights or they can be set up on their own with yield lights that signal drivers to stop when a pedestrian presses a button. 

Crossing Guards

Whether you have elementary schools or middle schools in your community, make sure that there are crossing guards assigned to each school both before and after school gets out. Typically, crossing guards are hired on a volunteer basis, but if you can't seem to get anybody to volunteer, then see if you can raise some money to help pay crossing guards a small check every week. 

Neighborhood Watch

If you have noticed that there is some suspicious activity going on in your neighborhood like drug deals or robberies, then you may want to set up a neighborhood watch group. These groups work on a volunteer basis and people take turns driving around the neighborhood at night looking for signs of crime. To make sure that you aren't overstepping any laws, make sure to contact your local police department beforehand and get a list of things you can and cannot do as part of a neighborhood watch group. 

Having a safe community to live in is a luxury that not many people have, but it can be achieved. Try using these tips to make sure that your community is a safer place for everyone to live in and enjoy without feeling unsafe.