Ensure That Your Snow Removal Service Won’t Leave You With High Snowbanks

One of the topics that you'll want to discuss when you hire a snow removal service is where the snow will be left once the service has cleared your driveway. Typically, a service that uses a tractor with a blower will blow the snow onto your yard on either side of the driveway. If your yard is small, and you have harsh winters, this can lead to tall snowbanks which can be a concern, particularly at the end of the driveway. You need to be confident that your snow removal service won't create tall snowbanks over the course of the winter because of these issues.

Visibility While Driving

It can be difficult and dangerous to drive your car out of your driveway — particularly if you're backing out — when there are high snowbanks on each side of the end of the driveway. In this scenario, you may struggle to see whether there are any pedestrians or vehicles approaching. The obvious concern is that you may bump into someone or cause an accident in which you'd almost certainly be deemed at fault. Even if you get out of the driveway safely each time, this is still a stressful scenario that you don't want to frequently endure.

Children Playing

Children gravitate toward snowbanks — especially those that are tall — because of the fun factor. Kids can slide down tall snowbanks with sliding implements or hollow them out to make a fort. The concern with either idea when the snowbank is at the end of the driveway is how close the children will be to the road. An out-of-control sliding episode could cause one of your children or one of their friends to slide onto the road, which could have disastrous consequences. If sidewalk plows travel through your neighborhood regularly, you don't want your kids playing anywhere near the sidewalk.

Issues With Neighbors

The visibility issues that you could face with tall snowbanks at the end of your driveway will impact more people than just you. If your neighbors live immediately adjacent to you, they may also experience challenges with seeing past your snowbanks while they're getting out of their driveways. This can lead to conflicts with them — a bossy neighbor might demand that you remove the snowbank, while someone with more of an aggressive personality might knock the snow down onto your driveway. Your snow removal service should have a plan for avoiding large snowbanks, so make sure that you're comfortable with this idea before the winter begins.