Want To Get A Job? Start With A Solid Resume

One of the biggest challenges of landing a stellar job is getting your application past the computer system that rules out unqualified candidates. The key to getting your resume in the hands of a real person is a stellar document that hits all the marks. Do you want to land the right job? These tips help make your resume solid.

Create a Template for Each Role

Each role you apply for needs its own resume. Your resume should be relevant to the position you apply for, and it is important that you make sure you aren't including superfluous information. Make a template for each position so that in the future you only need to make a few adjustments with each job you apply for.

Define Your Sections Clearly

Your resume should make it clear where the lines are drawn, literally. You need to make it clear where your experience and education are so that the reader can view the sections easily. Their eyes should be drawn to each section right away without question.

Use Job Site Keywords

Read the job description on the site where you are applying for the job, and then make sure you use the same exact keywords in your resume. Software that looks for keywords in resumes is more likely to pass yours along if it contains the keywords. For example, if you are applying for a job as a manager, you might include your management style so that the software picks up on the keywords "management style."

Create a Portfolio for Creative Jobs

Even the positions that are lightly creative should involve a portfolio. You may be asked to show off some of your work, including projects you have implemented in other offices, and it will be beneficial to have a portfolio available to show off right away. You can block out client information or confidential information to ensure the security of your project.

Everything Must Be Relevant

One reason why you should have a template for each role is so that you can avoid including irrelevant information. For example, you do not need to include your fast food restaurant experience from 15 years ago if you are applying for a role as an architect now.

Don't Stop Searching

Finally, do not stop searching for the right job. It may just be waiting around any corner, waiting for your special skills and expertise. Continue your search by trying new keywords and parameters each day. Use these tips as you look for jobs